Welcome to our Support page. Here we provide detailed information on some of the key components of our cases to help you deal with any issues or problems when setting up your system. For more information on our cases please visit our FAQ page.

Mimo 710S 7 inch USB Display Monitor

Mimo 710S 7 inch USB Display Monitor

The DisplayLink drivers for Nvidia cards currently have a few minor bugs that affect the control panel. When the monitor on the case is on you will notice a lot of the typical settings are not available if in the Nvida control panel.

To fix this, simply open up the Mimo DisplayLink utility and turn off the Mimo monitor. Now if you go back to the Nvida Control panel all the available settings are back including the SLI option.

Also with the Mimo monitor turned off, if you try and change your SLI settings and click apply you will get an error message pop-up that says “Close displaylinkuseragent.exe to continue”.

To fix this, start the task manager, click on the process tab and look for displaylinkuseragent.exe in the list. Select it and click end process. This will allow you to make any changes in the SLI configuration. Once you’re done click apply. The changes will be applied, the screen will refresh and the displaylinkuseragent.exe will be back on.

To turn the MIMO screen back on go to the MIMO screen icon in the task bar and select 'Extend To' Right, Left, Above or Below from the '2. MIMO' menu.

There was another problem a while back where the new Nvida drivers would not load because the DisplayLink drivers were active. So I had to boot up into safe mode where the DisplayLink drivers were not active and install the new Nvida drivers. This worked fine but I think this problem has been fixed because I haven’t come across this problem in awhile.

I have been using the Mimo monitor for over 2 years now and it has been working great without any problems. Hopefully DisplayLink updates their software to fix the above minor problems.

Also I have not tested the Mimo monitor on a system using an ATI graphics card. But I don’t think the results will be any different than the Nvida cards.

Visit the Mimo website for more information.
Get the latest DisplayLink Monitor Drivers here.

Crystalfontz CFA634 Character Display

Crystalfontz CFA634 Character Display

The software we use is called Crystal Control2 which is available on the Crystalfontz website along with other software for making custom screens. They also have a user Tech Forum on their website for supporting the CFA634 module along with user contributed screens.

For software and support please visit the Crystalfontz website.