Blue Computer Case

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What material is the case made of?

The Xynos G3 case is made from 100 percent Billet Aluminum. We start with 120lbs of billet aluminum plate, which comes from the USA. When we finish cutting it (in Canada) its 16lbs. (All the aluminum chips are recycled.)

2. Can I get replacement parts?

Yes. If a panel or part becomes damaged you can order a replacement part. Simply email us the part you need to replace along with your name and location. We will send you a price for the part along with shipping details.

3. How do I clean the anodized finish?

For the best shine on the case we found ArmorAll protectant gives the case a deep rich look and adds a beautiful shine.

4. Can I choose a different colour scheme?

No. Currently our cases are available in the colours pictured.

5. Can I get a billet aluminum case for a standard ATX mainboard?

Not yet. It’s too soon to tell if there will be an ATX case.

6. If the case does not fit the parts I have can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we don't offer any refunds. You have to check the specifications page to see if the parts you want to use fit the G3 case. Once you order your case with your options, it’s yours.

7. Are the foam filters restrictive?

Yes. There are tradeoffs with everything and the 25PPI foam filters make a difference of about 3C. So with all fans (video cards, and top case fans) running full out removing the filters will gain about 3C of cooling. This test was performed with clean filters. We have tried a 10PPI filter which had virtually no resistance but they let in a lot more dust.